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Fall 2016 Semester
Aug 06, 2020
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Syllabus Information
CRIM 1100 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
Associated Term: Fall 2016 Semester
Learning Objectives: Describe current theories of how social, political, or economic institutions, systems, and processes work.The course introduces students to competing theoretical explanations of crime and theories of justice. Through course lectures and readings students will gain a basic understanding of the history of the legal and ethical concepts and the organizations and institutions that have been developed making up the American criminal justice system. Reflection papers and exams provide students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of how criminal justice policy has developed and been implemented at various levels of federal, state and local government. Students must be able to identify the major problems and current issues that face criminal justice institutions and practitioners.Explain the historical and cultural contingency of many descriptions and explanations of human behavior, institutions, systems, and processes.Through course readings and lectures students will be introduced to a variety of perspectives on justice in the United States. Students will learn about the evolution of perspectives on justice including the evolution of constitutional rights and examine explanations for crime prevention (e.g. rehabilitation, retributive justice, deterrence) that have dominated U.S. criminal justice system policy at various points in history.Evaluate social, political, or economic theories by applying them to local and global phenomena.Through the course materials and assignments students learn to critically evaluate existing and proposed criminal justice policies with partiuclar attention to empirical evidence supporting evidence-based policies and practices. Students learn to recognize the intended outcome and unintended consequences asscoiated with national and local criminal justice policies and practices.
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